Thaddeus Rasvan

Midland Watchman


Abadar and his followers wish to bring the light of civilization to the wilderness, to help educate all in the benefits of law and properly regulated commerce. He expects his followers to obey all meaningful laws, but not those which are ridiculous, unenforceable, or self-contradictory. He is also a great proponent of peace, as war inevitably leads to the degradation of trade and the stifling of prosperity for the general public. He advocates cautious, careful consideration in all matters, and frowns on impulsiveness, believing that it leads to the encouragement of primitive needs. Abadar discourages dependence on government or any religious institution, believing that wealth and happiness should be achievable by anyone with keen judgement, discipline, and a healthy respect for all sensible, just laws.

Growing up in the Midland district of Korvosa, Thaddeus Rasvan is well acquainted with both the mercantile and criminal elements of the city. The son of retired textile merchants Strasia and Carius, Thaddeus spent much of his youth running errands through the streets of the city.

Lacking his family’s business acumen – and possessing a general disdain for accounting and numbers – Thaddeus instead found a place for himself in the church of Abadar. Attracted to the regimented (but not overly oppressive) teachings of the god, Thaddeus trained with the local temple in matters both martial and divine. He emerged years later as a warrior-priest, and a stalwart advocate for civilization, trade, and order.

Although not officially a knight of Abadar, nor a member of the Korvosan Guard, Thaddeus often finds himself in service of both organizations. His strong arm has proven useful in settling conflicts within the city’s walls, and the Rasvan name has given him a level of credibility among Korvosa’s merchant class. Loyal and pragmatic (albeit a bit dim-witted), Thaddeus enjoys serving the city and his god.

Like many Korvosans, Thaddeus is fond of routine. He greatly enjoys patrolling through the various districts, conversing with its citizens, and regularly paying his respects to Abadar. He looks down upon the thieves and ruffians who disrupt the rhythm of the city, and takes great pleasure in restoring order and keeping things running smoothly.

Although not particularly book-smart, Thaddeus is level-headed and well acquainted with the art of diplomacy. When reason and patience do not solve problems, however, he is more than capable of using his strength to help resolve a situation.

Jarilo is a venerable cleric at the temple of Abadar. He taught Thaddeus everything he knows about the divine arts, and the warrior-priest views him as both a mentor and a friend. The two meet every Sunday, sharing the latest town gossip while sipping tea.

Although quite fond of his former student, Jarilo constantly ribs him for being “the prototypical Korvosan.” His many efforts to get Thaddeus to break out of his daily routines have proven to be fruitless.

Labour of Love
On the advice of Jarilo, Thaddeus took a short stint as a watchman in the Shingles: one of the shadier districts of Korvosa. Despite his best efforts, Thaddeus found himself utterly out of his depth. The chaotic nature of the district – in addition to the rampant criminal element – was a start contrast to the relative orderliness he was accustomed to.

After getting swarmed by stirges, pick-pocketed, and spat on by ungrateful Shingles citizens, Thaddeus was more than happy to return to his home in the Midland district.

Trait: Family Honour
Many years ago, Thaddeus’ father Carius was framed for murder. A supposed eyewitness account from a local fisherman seemed to be enough to seal the case, but Carius had enough alibis that sentencing wasn’t immediate.

Thaddeus confronted the fisherman and discovered he was intimidated into providing false witness and forced into planting the murder weapon by the actual murderer—a local crimelord named Gaedren Lamm. Lamm’s thugs killed the fisherman before he could recant his testimony. Although this removed the key witness and resulted in the accused being set free, the stigma was enough to tarnish the Rasvan family business… perhaps hastening Carius’ retirement plans.

Thaddeus has tried to track down Gaedren on numerous occasions. He is intent on finding evidence that ties him to the murder and can clear Carius of any wrongdoing.


  • High Concept: Midland Watchman
  • Trouble: Business School Drop-out
  • Background (Gaedren Lamm): Always One Step Behind
  • Other: I Am The Law!.. Kinda

Thaddeus Rasvan

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